The band was quirky. Strange time signatures. A trio of bearded men. I caught the eye of the drummer, having admired the soft hills of his biceps as his naked arms (tank top) beat the drums into submission. I wanted to cup those hills like I cupped the little head…

Exclusive Updates From an Unlikely Contender

By Binnie Klein

that was then….

The brows of family and friends always crinkled with confusion when I said I was learning to box. Aggression? Physicality? It just didn’t fit with their picture of my compassionate therapist-self. Or my age (55 at the time). Or my lack…

Design by Scott Shapleigh

Flemington, New Jersey housed a spectacular glass blowing factory. As a child I was taken there one day from our apartment in Newark on a very special excursion. I was promised that after the tour, I would be allowed to choose one, and only one, glass object to bring home…

What Philip Roth Taught Me About My Own Childhood

By Binnie Klein

In recent days following the death of Pulitzer-prize winning author Philip Roth, we’ve been treated to a little storm of opinion pieces about what he didn’t get right:

He didn’t accurately portray Jewish women.

Forget just Jewish women…


It’s been 48 hours since I posed my question (laden with assumptions) “Why Don’t Men Use Umbrellas?” on social media. The answers continue to flood in (perhaps I’ll need an umbrella to shield myself from the torrent?). The many “likes” suggest that…

Binnie Klein

I'm a psychotherapist in private practice, host of a radio show, "A Miniature World," on, and author of Blows the Head: How Boxing Changed My Mind.

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